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Inner Talents

The world of music is vast so at our music training classes, we demystify concepts to enhance clarity and understanding. We teach Music Theory as well as Practical on how to play instruments.

Our students can select any time for their music lessons that fits their timetable, whether it’s a weekday or weekend.

Start Learning About Music and Your Favorite Instrument Right Now!

Music Academy

Our Music Academy offers comprehensive musicianship through active learning for children and adults. Our music educators are highly qualified and share a love of teaching.

Our curriculum offers group experiences, private lessons, ensemble participation, theater, and camps. We believe that learning music can be fun, and we believe in the effectiveness of learning in groups.

Pick Your Instrument


Want to learn to play the keyboard? Our Keyboard Lessons are open to everyone.

Bass & Acoustic Guitar

Learn to play the world’s popular instrument with our guitar classes.


Melody offers a wide variety of vocal classes for all ages and skills.


We offer extensive violin learning program at our music school.


Drums music class provides in-depth knowledge and training for aspiring Drummers.


Saxophone curriculum at our School develops students’ music skills.

Some Facts About Our School

Also known as Microphone Multimedia Training Centre, we are devoted to training young talents and honing their skills in the world of multimedia. We have been helping people sharpen their music skills since our foundation. Below are just some facts and numbers from our history that will tell you more about us.

Satisfied Students
Years of Experience
Qualified Trainers

Sound Engineering

The energy of any meeting, social event, corporate event, advertisement, even religious gathering, etc., can be transformed or ruined as a result of the quality of the sound. This is why we pay special attention to Sound Engineering at Microphone Music.

Our concentrations include
*Types of sound and sound distortions.
*Types, sizes, placement and functions of microphones.
*Types, sizes, placement and functions of speakers.
*Sound balancing and adjustment.
*Audio effects
*Assembling, operation, maintenance of sound equipment, etc.

Graphics Design/Video Editing

Are you looking for creative and captivating ways to connect with your clients or audiences and communicate your ideas, products or services visually or textually (using infographics) without breaking the bank? Then our graphics design and video editing classes are exactly what you need.

What you’ll learn
*Graphic Design basics (colour, form, line, shape, size, space, texture)
*Graphic Design Principles (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, proportion, rhythm)
*Types of Graphic Design
*Graphic Design Tools
*Video Editing Basics
*Types of Video Editing, etc.